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The world’s first intelligent, wearable camera.
Live the moment, keep the memories.

Enjoy experiences without pausing to take photos

Enjoy experiences without pausing to take photos. Autographer captures images automatically; using 5 sensors to measure the world around you.

Autographer includes a built-in clip & lanyard to enhance wearability

You can always be ready to capture unexpected events. Autographer includes a built-in clip & lanyard to enhance wearability.

Share the world from your perspective

Show real life through authentic, natural images. The eye-view lens lets you share the world from your perspective.


5 in-built sensors plus GPS

Accelerometer Measuring how quickly or slowly Autographer is accelerating. Accelerometer
Magnetometer Autographer’s compass, determining the camera direction. Magnetometer
Temperature Autographer’s thermometer, measuring ambient temperature. Temperature sensor
Colour sensor Autographer’s ‘eye’, perceiving light and brightness. Colour sensor
PIR Autographer’s motion detector, using infrared to sense changing conditions. PIR sensor
GPS Autographer’s locator, calculating the camera’s position on Earth. GPS sensor

Eye-view perspective
Custom 136° wide angle lens

Autographer’s lens is engineered specifically for a wearable camera; the wide angle field allows more of your subject and interesting surroundings into the frame than a typical smartphone or compact camera.

Comparison of Autographer to smartphone field of view

Autographer 360°

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    • Glass hybrid wide angle precision optics
    • 136° field of view with fixed focus
    • 5MPx low light image sensor

    Sensors + GPS

    • Accelerometer
    • Magnetometer
    • Temperature
    • Colour sensor
    • PIR

    Storage & Connectivity

    • 8GB internal memory
    • Bluetooth for smartphones
    • USB for desktops and laptops

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Weight 58g
    • Width 37.4mm (including side buttons)
    • Length 90mm (95.5mm with lanyard ring)
    • Thickness 22.93mm (including clip and lens)


    • Desktop Software supports Windows 7/8 and OSX 10.6 or later
    • Smartphone App iOS 5.0 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later

    In the box:
    Autographer, fabric lanyard, pouch, micro USB cable & software.